iX - Tutorial Videos

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Getting started

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 1

This video covers the basics of creating a project, selecting a target type, creating screens, and adding objects to screens.

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Template menu

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 2

This video covers how to use a background screen, and how to create reusable template screens.
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Tags and communication

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 3

This video covers how to import tags and establish communication with a controller.

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iX Tutorial Videos, Video 4

This video covers how security is managed through users and groups, and how to use object security properties

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Alarm management

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 5

This video covers how alarms are configured and managed.

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Trends and data logging

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 6

This video covers how data logging and trends are configured and monitored.

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Audit trail

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 7

This video covers how to add an audit trail to a project.

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Add and configure Alarm Information Screens

iX Tutorial Videos, Video 8

This video will explain how an Information Screen can be connected to an alarm. The purpose of an Information Screen is to give the operator more detailed information about the alarm and perhaps possible solutions.

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